Sydney Inner West Home Renovation Team: 8 Superb Home Renovation Ideas

sydney inner west home renovation

It is fun to think of renovation ideas within our home and property but not every change is good. You always need to think about what does and would the renovation do to your house, the family and the neighbourhood. The Sydney inner west home renovation team is all about the full package.  When you are trying to renovate something, you should always consider what the trend is today, is it functional, does it add value to your home or even just a simple is it nice. The pandemic proved to be the best time for homeowners to think and plan for a long time for their dream renovation project ideas and after sometime home renovations Sydney inner west has skyrocketed. But what renovation projects should you invest in? The Sydney inner west home renovation team has numerous ideas for you to consider, keep reading and find what the best fit is for you!


The main goal of the Sydney inner west home renovation team is to add value to your home through renovation but still maintaining that elegance and stylish that fits into the modern trend today. There are a lot of options and ideas for you to consider but here are the top home renovation ideas Sydney:


This main seem so broad and it is, there are a lot of sustainable renovation ideas you can find, you just need to look for something that you are willing to add or invest in. The most popular today are adding solar panels to decrease fossil fuel charged electricity.

An eco-friendly renovation presents home owners with the perfect opportunity to up the eco credentials of a building. The goal of a sustainable renovation is to minimize individual carbon footprints and tries to help mitigate climate change in our own simple way and through this you will find yourself living more fulfilled. This can also result in a more comfortable home to live on for you and lower electricity and heating bills.


Nobody wants to tend the lawn every other day unless you have nothing more important to do every other day. A low-maintenance landscaping saves you money initially and as far as lawn care and maintenance, this is a crucial part for future homebuyers if you ever find yourself wanting to sell your property. This is definitely a great Sydney inner west home renovation idea that will surely add value both for yourself and others. For example, if you live in a dry area, opt for plants that are native to the region and/or low-water and drought tolerant.


If you are after an idea that brings in more light into your house and form a better connection with your outdoor spaces then a Victorian terrace would the best idea for you to invest in. It creates a side return extension and will incorporate an enormous picture window that now overlooks the garden with a sliding door to the side that will give access and opens the new space up. This might be a simple idea, but if done right this will ultimately change your space.


Since almost all homeowners are now joining the sustainable living bandwagon and are looking more and more towards self-reliance, organic produce and delicious home grown tastes a raised garden bed is definitely a great idea if you are into gardening. It is not only easier for growing plants such as vegetables or flowers, herbs or fruits, but it is much less time-consuming to maintain than an in-ground garden. Plus, it looks decorative and is easier for harvesting.


Glass internal doors are a brilliant way to allow light to flow between spaces. This is often a crucial design element in renovation projects — particularly in terraced houses and semi-detached homes, where the central rooms can often lack windows and feel dark. Industrial style metal internal doors are incredibly popular at the moment, adding a stylish edge as well as fulfilling a practical role.


Renovation projects can often throw up some very interesting challenges — and are particularly notorious for the awkward layouts and room shapes they present their owners with. Long, narrow rooms can be especially hard to work with and are often lacking in intimacy. If you find yourself with a long space, try to split it into smaller zones with more specific purposes.


This is home renovation advice that could (and probably should) be applied throughout your house, but we’ll address it first at the onset of your home: the entryway. Outlet covers, switch plates, doorknobs, even hooks and knobs are all fixtures that may be present in your entryway and beyond. This may seem like a boring thing to work on in the name of home renovation, but it’s this sense of updated continuity throughout your home that will make it look and feel more expensive and seamless.


There are plenty of ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen countertops yourself. A quick online search will lead you to a variety of countertop fixes like epoxy coatings which are widely popular and a Sydney inner west home renovation top recommendation. Aim for something neutral and durable for functionality in this hardest working of spaces.

If you have your own ideas you can always consult with renovation architects Sydney or architects inner west Sydney for you to be professionally guided. There are more ideas that the Sydney inner west home renovation team can provide you but you should also take into consideration of your needs and wants and then start from there on what projects you really want.


Planning is a crucial part on every renovation project but so is hiring the right contractor. Your plans will be nothing if you cannot hire the proper contractor that you know will follow the plan. Here at Quantum Built, professionals and highly skilled employees oversee each and every project and closely maintain connections with the client before, during and after the project to make sure everything is perfect. Call and set up a meeting with Quantum Built now to make your dream renovation come true.

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