Sydney Inner West Home Renovation knows that the busiest part of the house is the kitchen. In the kitchen, things get done. The kitchen is the hub of activity in your home, used for everything from hurried breakfasts before rushing out the door to family feasts and catching up with friends over a cup of tea. It must put in a lot of effort and seem beautiful. The kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending time in, whether you’re cooking, cleaning, dining, or entertaining, and smart kitchen design can help you get there. These ideas will help you design a kitchen that you’ll love, whether you’re remodelling an existing one or building a new one. Sydney Inner West Home Renovation’s recommendations on planning, organizing, and must-have features when designing a kitchen layout to create a space that is both attractive to look at and effective for all of your needs.


1. Work triangle

Sydney Inner West Home Renovations suggest you incorporate the work triangle. The work triangle is essentially a line that extends from the sink back toward the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. It has been the industry standard for kitchen design for the past 100 years since it maximizes functionality regardless of the size or form of your kitchen. Movement is minimized when your kitchen is structured using the work triangle so you can access all of its essential components in the fewest number of steps possible. With minimal movement, you achieve maximum convenience. This design idea also increases the safety of your natural kitchen workflow and provides adequate counter space between all the key equipment. Search the best home remodelers near me or you can search home renovation architects Sydney, they can help you make your design into life while incorporating the work triangle.

2. Reduce unnecessary steps

Sydney Inner West Home Renovation wants you to consider your most common duties while planning the arrangement of your kitchen. You’ll save a lot of time and effort if you keep everything you need to finish a project close together. Keep your coffee essentials, such as mugs and grounds, close to the coffee maker. You’ll be grateful to your sleepy early-morning self. Similarly, for wrapping leftovers, keep plastic containers and wraps in one convenient location near a work area. Place the flatware and dishes next to the dishwasher to make unloading easier.


3. Avoid turning into corners

Sydney Inner West Home Renovation reminds you that when selecting where to place cabinets and appliances, pay attention to the corners. Plan space for the door’s clearance and swing direction in your kitchen design to ensure that cabinet and appliance doors are completely functional. Appliances should not be placed in corners, and doors should not slam into one another when they are opened simultaneously. Low-profile handles could be a good choice if you need to maneuver around a tight corner. Too-prominent handles on knobs, pulls, and appliances might make it difficult to access corner cabinet doors next to them.

4. Think about countertops

To help you choose a countertop, Sydney Inner West Home Renovation wants you to consider your demands for meal preparation. Those who enjoy cooking need more counter space than those who rarely cook or only make simple meals, preferably between the range and sink. Additionally, including two countertop heights can facilitate baking and benefit children who assist with meal preparation. You can partner up with Home renovation architects Sydney to make these things possible.

5. Consider where things are located

Sydney Inner West Home Renovation wants you to consider keeping crucial cooking supplies in the area immediately surrounding the range. To store spices, utensils, and cooking oils close at reach, place a shelf next to or behind the range. Include extra deep drawers for cookware near the range or beneath a cooktop when designing the arrangement of your kitchen. S-hooks on the side of the range hood can be used to hang commonly used pots and pans for a more open kitchen design.

Sydney Inner West Home Renovation wants you to also consider what you intend to store in the pantry and the height of storage containers or commonly used items before organizing it and other food storage locations. When you know everything will fit in the pantry, you may install pantry shelves at the proper height. During the planning stage for the kitchen, you should also choose whether or not the pantry will hold any small appliances. If so, make sure to set aside sufficient room for those items as well.

6. Keep small appliances hidden

When you enter a kitchen, first impressions are formed, so keep the countertops clear. When there aren’t rows of equipment on the counters, it makes a significant difference and leaves room for prep work when baking or cooking. Think of appliance garages, which are essentially storage cabinets with roll-up fronts that close like a garage door.

7. Establish the kitchen island’s purpose

Form always comes after function in terms of kitchen islands. Before you think about the design, Sydney Inner West Home Renovation wants you to consider how you want to use the island in the room. Plan adequate space if, for instance, you wish to cook and eat at the kitchen island so that the stove is securely isolated from the eating area. For increased usefulness, the island can also accommodate other components like a sink or dishwasher.

8. Build Continuity

The popularity of open floor plans means that the kitchen is frequently visible from the rest of the living space. Even while the above-mentioned remedies will keep your kitchen cleaner and more organized, there are still those big, heavy appliances to take into account. The integrated-panel option is available on many modern appliances, but it will cost you extra. Using panels to conceal your appliances will give your room a uniform, clean appearance without disrupting the visual harmony.


9. Work on your lighting

Good lighting is necessary for both cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. While having natural light is always wonderful, installing undercabinet lights will make it easier to find things, particularly at night. Additionally, you can purchase LED light strips that you can install inside of your cabinets and drawers.

10. Make it for you

Make an effort to adapt to your demands. In convenient areas, group commonly used things together. Since you won’t have to spend all of your time and energy running around, doing so will increase the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. It’s important to discuss with your kitchen designer about how you want the space to function for you because not everyone uses their kitchens in the same manner.

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