Did you know bathroom renovations can add great value to your property? A bathroom is one of the most important rooms to renovate, especially if you have an old, icky, outdated bathroom. When it comes to Sydney home renovations, homeowners are stuck wondering where to begin. This ultimate guide gives you details on the basics of bathroom renovation and what you should consider before starting it.


Create a Plan

When you decide on renovating your bathroom, sit with your home renovation specialists Sydney, to create a plan to decide on what to consider. You can discuss with them the options that you want to narrow down or add, and adjusting the layout and style. Before deciding on an update, you must also ensure whether there will be sufficient space to incorporate the changes you would like.


Fix a Budget

Home or apartment renovations Sydney is an expensive process, especially bathroom renovation. So, set a clear budget before beginning the renovations because the costs may soar high if you aren’t planning it ahead. Talk to your renovators to decide a budget that you want to spend for the particular project and make sure that it’s understood by all the parties. This is a great way to ensure that you stay on  budget.


Aware of the Renovation Process

Once you have completed the plan for your bathroom renovation, start outlining the different stages of the project. Each project follows different steps and here we’ve listed some of the common stages of renovation.

  • Initially, the home renovation specialists Sydney will remove all the fittings, fixtures and tiling that is no longer required in the bathroom. Some renovators will also take care of the removal of the demolished elements to make sure that there are no mess left behind.
  • Then your Sydney home renovations experts will prepare the wiring and piping, so that installation can be easily done for all the new bathroom fittings and fixture locations are finalised.
  • After the completion of wiring and piping, waterproofing and wall linings will be installed by your Sydney home renovations contractors to protect your bathroom from leaks and moisture build up, which could lead to mould and water damage.
  • The next process is tiling, and every homeowner will be excited at this stage as they can finally see how their bathroom is taking shape. Sydney home renovations specialists do this to protect the floors and walls, and to create the foundation for the attractive and stylish design of your new bathroom.
  • The Sydney home renovations professionals will install bathroom fixtures including vanity, toilet, bath, tapware, accessories, lighting and power over your beautiful new tiles.
  • Final adjustments are made, and shower screen and mirrors are installed.



Bathroom Renovation Process: 6 Steps You Should Know to Have Seamless Remodel

Renovations of all sorts are a strenuous and time-consuming undertaking. However, when it comes to the bathroom — a space that must be simultaneously hyper-functional and tranquil, as well as utilitarian and preferably a little bit luxurious — the stakes seem to be even higher. There is a slew of decisions to be made along the road, from the mirror to the grout; and sometimes, the cost of the bathroom renovation process can be very startling to finance.

While researching bathroom remodeling ideas, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of selections available. Exquisite bathroom makeover designs can be found in magazines and on websites dedicated to the subject. And each design turns out to be as beautiful as the previous. So often times, it will leave you wondering which to opt. Despite the fact that this is typically a subconscious reaction, we are drawn to toilets that have been meticulously constructed to fulfill our specific needs. Thus, we have narrowed down things for you. To take you through the process, here’s x steps you should know about bathroom renovation process in order to achieve a seamless model.


1. Lay-Out Your Visions Across

Assess your current bathroom, noting what you enjoy and what you would like to enhance upon. Make a list of the features you’ve always intended for. Sort them into categories such as “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves,” and then rank them according to necessity. Visit model homes and galleries, as well as periodicals and the internet, to get ideas for your own home.


2. Make a Financial Plan

It is an investment in both your property and yourself when you decide to take your home into the bathroom renovation process to match your preferred ideal style. Home and bathroom remodeling can cost as much as you allow them to, and if you don’t have a firm budget, expenditures can quickly spiral out of control.

Investigate local custom expenditures, establish a reasonable budget, and make every effort to adhere to it. This is the best solution. Choose a remodeling contractor or design-build corporation that provides fixed prices rather than estimates to make this process easier. Bathroom renovation process can quickly become prohibitively expensive, primarily due to the high cost of labor and, to a lesser extent, the high cost of materials.

Top home renovation specialists, as well as the licensed home renovation project manager with whom they collaborate, are highly skilled specialists who are sought for in demand. It will cost you money to improve your existing bathroom to higher-end materials. Therefore, you must consider in the expense of everything from flooring to showers when arranging your budget throughout the entire bathroom renovation process.

Several factors must be considered when putting together your budget for your Sydney home renovations, including the following:

  • Are you planning to sell your home in the next few years?
  • Do you wish to relocate any of the things that have been plumbed in?
  • Are there any aspects of the new bathroom that are definitely necessary?
  • What kind of money can you afford to put aside?


3. Determine Your Preferred Bathroom Type

A considerable assortment of styles, sizes, and layouts are available for bathrooms. When you go through the bathroom renovation process, it’s likely that you won’t make any significant changes to the design. However, it is a good idea to consider all of your possibilities before committing your ideas to stone.  A skilled interior designer can assist you in recognising opportunities that you may have otherwise overlooked. For example, a claustrophobic half bath might be turned into a sumptuous master suite simply by borrowing storage from a walk-in wardrobe or a bedroom.


4. Consider Light Sources

When it comes to establishing or remodeling a bathroom or even Sydney home renovations, a lot of people overlook the significance of lighting. However, you will immediately know poor bathroom lighting when you see it, and it has the potential to dramatically degrade the appearance and functionality of the space. Just connect with your Sydney home renovations contractors and discuss all necessary details.


Lighting Derived from Natural Sources

Hardly anything makes a bathroom feel more bright and airy than a generous amount of natural light. If at all feasible, try to incorporate as many windows and perhaps a skylight as possible into your design. If the design of your home does not allow the installation of a regular skylight, you may be able to implement a tubular skylight instead.


Lighting Produced Artificially

Of course, no matter how well-designed your natural lighting plan is, the sun will set every day, necessitating the implementation of an equally well-designed artificial lighting plan. Starting with the concept of layers is a fantastic place to begin. When used with a dimmer switch, recessed LEDs can give ambient light, but keep in mind that overhead lighting might cast reflections on the face, which isn’t very comfortable. As a result, gentle lighting at head level at the countertop should be used throughout the space. Vanities with built-in lighting that emits pure, broad-spectrum light and gives your complexion a natural appearance are becoming increasingly popular in modern times. Keep strong light sources and basic bulbs to a minimum.


5. Don’t Skip on Ventilation

Bathrooms are inherently susceptible to wetness. If your bathroom has a shower or a tub, the building code mandates that it be properly ventilated as well. All bathrooms require sufficient ventilation in order to maintain the health of its users and avoid the growth of mold. Mold is a major source of concern in bathrooms because, if left untreated, it may discolor and cause costly damage, particularly in concealed locations. Bathroom exhaust fans with timers that are externally vented are a fantastic solution for ventilation issues, and your contractor will assist you in determining where they should be positioned in the bathroom to provide the most efficient airflow possible.


6. Choose the Right Sydney Home Renovations Team to Execute Your Bathroom Renovation Process

The most fundamental step in every successful Sydney home renovations is assembling the proper team. It’s important to keep many factors in mind while putting together your team or contracting with a contractor. You should seek for a team of skilled designers who have years of experience under their belts, those that will deliver your visions across with full efficiency with respect to your budget, and one that is competent enough to troubleshoot and suffice your needs throughout the entire bathroom renovation process.

Thus, this is where Quantum Built takes over. We’re the real deal – an established building company, with an outstanding reputation and more than 20 years of local industry experience.

Unlike a project management company, we don’t delegate or contract duties. Our accomplished team of architects, interior designers, and luxury home builders handles everything. Along with our industry-leading town planning consultants and private certifying authorities, we offer complete oversight of your project.

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Be Smart and Your Wallet Will Thank You!

From the perspective of increasing the value of your property, Sydney home renovations are always good. Whether you are renovating your bedroom or bathroom, you will always have to plan it in the best way possible. Home renovation specialists Sydney is here to help you with that. Even if you cannot spend more than your budget, a small budget renovation can deliver excellent results. So, it’s essential to learn how to use your budget to complement your space to be the best it can be. Our home renovation specialists Sydney have come up with a list of ideas on how you can save up on your budget while renovating your bathroom.


Go Minimalistic – Less is Always More

Taking up inspiration from movies and TV shows on luxurious bathroom designs is absolutely fine. But, you can’t always be a part of that filtered world. In fact, most of these spaces were built for aestheticism and not actual day-to-day use. While you might enjoy the idea of adding a magnificent cupboard and a massive sink to your bathroom, you might not need or enjoy it in your real life.

So, always keep it simple and minimal. Home renovation specialists Sydney will help you say no to items that you don’t really need and break your budget.


Start Your Sydney Home Renovations Process with Repairs

Whenever you are beginning your Sydney home renovations, begin with repairs. Even though you are planning your bathroom renovation with the thought of changing everything, it’s fine to begin fixing what’s broken first. By starting your remodelling with repairs, you can save a lot of money otherwise it would be spent on replacing the fixtures or items that are already in good condition.


Sydney Home Renovations Isn’t About Changing Every Single Item

When it comes to Sydney home renovations, most people are under the impression of buying new things and changing up every single item they own. They often forget the kind of impact this could have on their wallet. Buying new isn’t compulsory when you can repair the broken fixtures and buy quality second-hand products. You can also invest in a refinishing kit to change certain finishes that could change the look of your bathroom.


Hire the Right Professionals

So, do you want to save money on small Sydney home renovations? Then, you must definitely call the professionals to handle the whole process. They are certified and experienced to handle your home or apartment renovations in Sydney, and when they are involved, there is no room for errors. With their expertise, these home renovation specialists Sydney will come up with the right plan that saves you more money and works the best for you.