With a shift towards modular construction methods, energy efficiency, and better use of living spaces, today, homeowners are demanding more out of their homes. Sydney home renovations provide an opportunity for smarter and more functional use of your space. Here we’ve listed a few home design trends that can help you save costs on your home renovation project.


Sustainable Upgrades

Energy and water efficiency will influence the building design in the coming years too. According to the recent research reports, 40% of heat escapes from homes via windows, while double glazing can decrease heat loss by almost 30 per cent. Green building regulations, new technologies in glazing, and improved product engineering and design, will facilitate better energy efficiency within the home.

Water efficiency is one of the other factors is at the forefront of homeowners who are looking to renovate their homes. Installing taps and showerheads that reduce water consumption is one of the easiest ways to be water efficient.


Smart Home Technology

With the smart home market worth approximately AUD 1.924 in 2020, home automation is continuing to rapidly increase in popularity, and household penetration is expected to hit 41.9% in 2023. Shifting to smart home technology, you can improve energy efficiency, and you can control almost every element of your home from washing machine to your phone. It allows you to take complete control over the management of shading, temperature control, energy efficiency, and more.


Choose Natural Colours

Introducing a colour scheme that is inspired by nature and immediate surroundings creates a beautiful flowing effect and a positive atmosphere. Beige, stone, soft eucalypt greens and earthy browns will be strong interior colours in 2020. These hues are found in natural materials and are considered as the colours of nature, wellbeing and authenticity. So, if you want to bring colour to your interior, choose natural colours, one of the easiest and reliable ways to give your home a refreshing look.


Biophilic Design

According to the World Health Organisation, stress-related illness, such as mental health disorders and cardiovascular disease, are the two largest contributors to disease in 2020. People have less opportunity to recover from mental and physical disorders as there is a diminished connection to nature, the increasing pressure on urban space & the ubiquitous technological presence. So, give importance to lamps that adjust the intensity according to the natural circadian rhythms, décor that integrates plants, choosing low-VOC paints, and more for your Sydney home renovations.



Sydney Home Renovations: The Bottom Line

These home renovation trends from our home renovation specialists in Sydney allow you to embrace energy efficiency, create low maintenance exteriors, and more. Contact us now for the best renovations.

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4 Things Sydney Renovation Specialists Have to Say

You get on with the adult facade, meet with your financial advisor, obtained a mortgage, and completed the purchase of a home. You’ve surpassed the initial adulting process. Sydney renovation specialists congratulates you. Hooray! Now comes the difficult part — making it entirely yours. Whether you’re embarking on a full-scale makeover or simply redecorating, there’s a lot more to redesigning a home than you may expect. The temptation to jump straight to the fun part of picking new paint colors, fixtures, and fittings when planning a makeover is compelling. However, for any renovation to run properly, there are certain things to consider before you even begin.

Many homeowners go into the renovation process with little idea of what they are getting themselves into. It is only after they have suffered through a series of renovation catastrophes that they realize they should have planned ahead of time. Because, unlike building a new house, you are not starting with a clean slate. The home renovation process can be fraught with disappointment if you do not plan ahead of time. Unexpected fees and complications can arise, making the process more difficult to navigate.

Though it is true that every renovation project can feel overwhelming at first, knowing a few insider secrets can ensure that your project runs more successfully. And to make things easier for you, check out these 4 things Sydney renovation specialists have to say.


1. Determine Your End Goal

It may seem like a contrast, but the first most feasible thing for you to do before even beginning is knowing where you intend to end.  Before you can decide how thorough your home renovations should be, you must first determine what your ultimate goal is for your property. Are you remodeling in order to increase the resale value of your property, or are you planning to stay in your current home for many years to come? Before you begin, take into consideration the present state of your neighborhood and choose which modifications will provide a decent return on investment and which will be regarded excessive for the region.

If you have a definite strategy in place for your future, it will be easier to determine how far you should go with your project.


2. Configure a Game Plan

It might be very tempting, once you’ve chosen to give your home a facelift, to begin by sledgehammering away at the first unattractive wall you come across. Planning, on the other hand, is critical, especially if you intend to live in the house while it is being renovated. What tasks do you need to accomplish initially in order to ensure that your home remains functional? Sydney renovation specialists recommend beginning with the bathroom and kitchen because they contain the greatest number of equipment that are used on a daily basis and therefore require the most attention.

Working on one room may have an impact on what you can do in other rooms and when you can do them, therefore it may be a good idea to develop a flowchart or other visual plan to determine the sequence in which you will complete the project’s various phases. It’s also crucial to consider your own abilities and qualifications. While saving money by doing as much as you can on your own may seem like a good idea, mistakes can be quite costly to correct. Gas, electricity, and water are all services that should be left to the specialists. Possibly, you will decide to recruit Sydney renovation specialists for each of the components.


3. Maintain Your Position Against Scope Creep

Consult with your builder or Sydney renovation specialists to determine what you can accomplish within your budget constraints. Following your decision on the scope of your renovation, make sure you stick with it. Even if you have the economic flexibility to change courses in the middle of a project or redo an extra capacity, resist the urge to change your mind. Many times, this will cause a project to come to a complete standstill, resulting in the loss of subcontractors as well as major budget and timeline overruns.

Maintain a realistic scale for your project from the outset, and keep in mind that what you see on television is not realistic. Make a plan and follow it through to completion, rather than letting one project turn into two or three others. You’ll never finish what you’ve started, and your original ambitions may never come to fruition. What follows is a feeling of disappointment and a sense of complete and utter confusion.

Once your renovation is done, take some time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished before choosing whether or not you’ll need to begin on another renovation endeavor.


4. Anticipate for the Unexpected

Every house has mysteries hidden within its walls, beneath its floors, and elsewhere. A remodeling may be able to bring them to light. Take, for example, when your Sydney renovation specialists inform you that your floors are uneven owing to the shifting of the middle joist when measuring for your much-anticipated new hardwood floors. Now you have to deal with the house inspector who overlooked it and get the floor joist fixed before the new material can be laid down on top of it. There are numerous examples of how you should prepare for the unexpected by adding extra time to your renovation timeline and additional funds to your renovation budget to account for unplanned catastrophes along the road.

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3 Tips For Choosing A Home Renovation Specialist

A renovation project could be a do-it-yourself project if you are skilled enough and has the experience and tools to do the project. You might be on the edge about hiring a home renovation specialist as they might be expensive but you need to weigh the pros and cons. If you know a lot of companies who has home renovation specialist, you might also be thinking twice on who to hire. Here are 3 tips to choose the best home renovation specialist to do your renovation project.



We don’t want someone who has no idea how to renovate a safe atmosphere for you to live in. Check to see if the contractor you’re considering employing has a valid license and is qualified to work as home builders inner west Sydney. This is significant since it demonstrates that they are competent enough to work as renovators. You’ll want to pick someone who has a building and design license so you can be sure that they’re a professional and that their personnel have a relevant education. This ensures that they are well-versed in the field and have no criminal records. When hiring a home renovation specialist, this is a wonderful place to start and a nice reminder.



Before commencing on any home renovation, it is critical to establish a budget. The rest of the procedure will be informed by this. You can make other key decisions along the way if you know how much money you have to spend on the project. It all depends on your budget and whether or not you’ve ever had a renovation project, as well as whether or not you’ve ever owned a property in general.



The high competitiveness of the market is one aspect that motivates contractors to lower their pricing in order to keep their job stable. On paper, this strategy seems to work well, but it doesn’t hold up over time. To be operational, businesses must make money on a regular basis, and lowering prices will not lead to a wealthy future. It doesn’t matter if the contractor hasn’t been there long enough to finish the job, even if you get the greatest deal.

To check on a company’s financial viability, you can get a credit resource from a number of internet services. Despite the fact that this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get the best deal and the finest results, it is one of the most reliable financial markers of a company’s viability. Two items you should check for are whether the company pays suppliers on-time and its industry rating. These are good indicators of reliability.

If you are considering on hiring a home renovation specialist, here are some questions to ask before hiring them:




Before Hiring

  1. How will the current situation affect the work? For any events like the pandemic we are in right now, we should always make sure that the situation for both parties is safe. Any delays due to any unexpected situations should be addressed and answered before hiring. How will shipments of the materials be affected? (If there are any materials needed to be shipped from another area), how will the company handle if an employee is infected? The current situation should always be highly considered so that money, time, effort and energy are not wasted.
  2. How long have you been in business and what are customer feedbacks about your work? Experience is always in question because we do not want to be part of an experiment when working with big projects. Have they done work with the style I have right now? Making sure that they know what they are doing is important as well for your safety. You should also look into their relationship with their past customers and the projects they have done with them because this will paint a clearer picture on how they handle their work. Do they provide top-quality service? Was the customer satisfied with the work?
  3. Are you licensed for the job? The last thing we want is to face charges from the law just because you haven’t secured if the contractor has a license to work or not. Having a licensed man for the job ensures the job is handled professional and legally. You should always do a background check if they meet the minimum requirements needed for the job.
  4. How do you make sure your budgets are accurate? There should be a well lay out plan when it comes to budgeting. Accurate budgeting will make sure that construction will run smoothly. A comprehensive estimation process leads to accurate budgets and schedules. There should be a preliminary estimate for in-home consultation and a clear view for the project and a detailed estimate after plans and specifications are finalized. Will I the budget be over or under?
  5. Can you provide me a timeline of the project? It is good to know when the start is and finish date of the project. A good and organized timeline shows how the work is handled. You should also need to know how proactive they are at identifying potential problems and resolving them before they arise because this will greatly affect the timeline. How long does it take from the preparation to processing done?
  6. How is the project managed? You should always look into the management and on how they work to ensure that if there is something you want to change or if you have any concerns you want to raise you can always have someone to reach. A close collaboration with the architect and everyone involved is also very important, this will tell you that the project is well manage and nothing is overlooked. How often is my project inspected? Is there home renovation project manager that supervises?
  7. What materials are used for my project? The materials they are using reflect on how they value their work and their customers. High quality materials results in high quality products. A contractor who uses the right materials shows how professional and expert they are with the project. Why is this materials used? What processes are necessary?
  8. What is work day like? Should I always be at home every time they work? How much noise does the renovation make? These probing questions will let you envision on how work is made and done. It is very important for both owners and contractors to expect before, during and after the project. You as the client also have the responsibility to tell the contractors about the parking situation in the neighbourhood, where are the nearest available outlets, who else will be around during the construction and the like.


After the work is done before approval

  1. Is the project thoroughly inspected after completion? A well-managed project is always supervised before, during and after. Both parties should always look for any cracked walls, ceilings or floors, if the door is jammed, plumbing issues such as leaks or if the installation is poor. This will ensure that the client is paying his/her money’s worth.
  2. Is the project long lasting? You need to make sure that the renovation can be updated and upgraded as technology improves, without extensive structural work or damage any meticulous architectural build.



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