Need to have your class 2 building built? Then, you need to ensure your class 2 builders are compliant with class 2 building regulations, to ensure that your class 2 building is structurally safe, sound, and compliant. 

In this article, we’re going to provide you with important questions you need to ask class 2 builders to ensure they’re compliant with class 2 building regulations. Let’s begin. 


Importance of Compliance With Class 2 Building Regulations

When establishing your class 2 building, you’re essentially creating a home for multiple families. Thus, you need to ensure they’re safe and compliant, as you’re dealing with lives here.

The structure needs to be built to prevent the following from happening: 

  • Random collapse of the building
  • Improper use of asbestos that can negatively impact the respiratory health of dwellers
  • Rapid spread of fire at a time of fire emergencies
  • Inadequate safety exits during emergencies
  • Instability and collapse of the class 2 building during calamities like light earthquakes. 

When the structure is not compliant with class 2 building regulations, it poses a negative impact to the health, safety, and well-being of the occupants. Thus, it’s always important to ensure the contractors you engage with have class 2 builders licence and are compliant with class 2 building regulations. 


Questions to Ask to Ensure Compliance with Class 2 Building Regulations 

Here are some of the questions you can ask class 2 builders to ensure they’re compliant with building regulations: 

1. Are you up to date with Class 2 Building Regulations

Recently, there are always new updates in building standards and regulations. This is because regulations must stay up to date with modern construction methods, and ensure it matches the needs of modern dwellers. 

All over Australia, organizations like the National Construction Code (NCC) always provide the requirements that ensure the health safety, design sustainability, structure stability and livability of new buildings. Ensure that the contractors you engage with are familiar with these organizations and stay up to date with changes in Class 2 Building Regulations.

Doing so will prevent them from using outdated building methods that can pose a risk to you and other dwellers.


2. Do you follow Australian Standards for Class 2 Building Regulations? 

If you’re living in Australia, your contractor must have an intensive knowledge of BCA and various Australian safety standards and class 2 building regulations. This includes the maximum height for certain rooms, and installing adequate ventilation. 

This ensures that all buildings are compliant with class 2 building regulations, and structurally adequate, resistant to fire, and resistant to calamities. 


3. Do you have a Class 2 Builders Licence?

To ensure that the contractor you’re engaging with is legally allowed to do class 2 building projects, ensure that they have a licence. To get a license, they must have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure the stability of your class 2 building. Thus, if they have one, it means they have the adequate capabilities of providing a quality home that is compliant with class 2 building regulations. 


4. Do you have a proven track record? 

Have they previously worked on similar projects? Do they have photos and videos of previous projects? What about testimonials and references? Can you see positive reviews from their past clients? Try calling their past clients and ask them if the contractor is compliant with class 2 building regulations. How was the working relationship? Were they able to build a safe and compliant class 2 building on time and within budget? 

Always ask for a solid list of references, or list of clients they’ve worked with within the past 2-3 years. Doing so will help you create a realistic expectation about this specific contractor.


5. Are you insured and registered? 

Aside from making sure the contractor is compliant with Class 2 Building regulations, you need to ensure that if and when you engage with them, you have sufficient legal and financial security. You can achieve this by making sure that the builder is registered and ensured. 

When a builder is registered, they are compliant with all required construction norms and regulations provided by civic authorities. 

Regulations and requirements per builder will vary depending on these different states and regions. 



Other Things You Need to Consider When Hiring a Class 2 Builder

Here are some of the other considerations before hiring a class 2 building


Contractors that are compliant with class 2 building regulations ensures that their structures are built to last. But if any problems occur, especially for intricately designed structures, it’s important that the builder has in place a warranty to protect you, the client. Some warranties can last up to 10 years, but it will vary per contractor. 

Level of Customisation

One of the main reasons why we hire builders instead of buying ready-made buildings, is because of personalisation. However, some builders have standard floor plans that, despite matching class 2 building regulations, may not exactly fit your aesthetic requirements. Ask for various price points depending on the level of customisation that you need.


The cost is a crucial aspect to consider when building a customized home. It’s easy to have highly-customized homes, but the structure, while compliant with class 2 building regulations, may not necessarily fit your budget. Make sure to ask for a realistic quote before fully committing with a builder.


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