Sydney Home Renovations: Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive

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Why is it important to make your home look expensive? There are many reasons “luxurious” Sydney home renovations can be advantageous. One, “luxurious” Sydney home renovations can make your home be perceived as higher in value. This is great if you’re planning to sell your home, especially at a higher price. Second, premium-looking upgrades can be perfect when you’re hosting an upcoming family or friend gathering. Lastly, these attractive upgrades can make your living space more relaxing. It’s perfect when you love staying at home all the time.


Sydney Home Renovations Secret to Making Your Home Look Expensive


  • Highlight pre-existing features – Now, you don’t need to completely strip off your room and change everything. Take note of its preexisting features. What features are already expensive-looking? Does it have crown moulding, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves and fancy home accents? All you need to do is turn them into the focal point of the room.


  •  Upgrade your lighting – And no, it’s not just about how bright your lightbulb is. Although, that may certainly affect the ambience of the room. It can also be about the design of your light source. Your luminaires in the living room or lamps in the dining room should be upgraded, if you want to see your space in a whole different light.


  • Have fun revamping your throw pillows – Throw pillows can brighten a room, and they’re easy to make. They’re also affordable to buy. However, you don’t need to buy new pillows. You can just buy a pillow cover with crisp luxurious colours. But don’t go overboard on the number of throw pillows you put on your couch. 


  • Take advantage of neutrals – In fashion, people often wear monochrome colours or neutral shades to look fancier. It’s not different from your home. An easy and inexpensive way to make your room look fancier is by painting it in a neutral shade. You can also replace your old furniture with ones in a neutral hue.


  • Upgrade your towels – Who could ever think that towels can make or break how your home looks? But it’s important to remember, expensive resorts and hotels use fancy towels. So ditch those dingy old bath towels, and upgrade your towels like it’s that of a spa. 


  • Create a DIY “built-ins” – The following inexpensive trick will give you the look of built-in cabinets. Place several bookshelves floor to ceiling to create this luxurious look. 


  • Upgrade your hardware – Updating your kitchen or bathroom’s look with some new hardware is a quick and inexpensive way to enhance its appearance. You can try coordinating the door handles and drawer handles of the towel bar.


  • Add art on the walls – Ever seen rich people bid millions on art? However, art doesn’t need to cost millions to add that luxurious feel to your home. You can add family photos, DIY art and framed words. Aside from making your home look luxurious, they can make it feel more like home. It’s also fun creating this artwork and can be a perfect bonding time with your family.


  • Landscape your garden – Almost every home in a magazine has a stunning landscape. While you don’t need to spend a fortune to design your garden, you can add new plants or flower beds. Simple upgrades like these can make your home look expensive at a low cost.


  • Add a tile backsplash – A tile backsplash can be an affordable option that never goes out of style. It’s perfect for those looking to make their kitchen look more luxurious. 

  • Accessorize your room – Don’t know how? It’s as simple as looking at magazines for inspiration. They are the perfect source of ideas and inspiration when accessorizing a room. The fun part is, you can make your own budget-friendly version of what you see on the magazine. 

  • Try crown moulding – There are a variety of designs you can choose from. But a great way to make a home look luxurious is by following a more simplistic design. Doing so can enhance a room without overpowering it. It’s also perfect for hiding any wall imperfections that can make the room look outdated.

  • Update old and outdated fixtures – If you’re excited to give your home a high-end sheen, you should start by updating old or broken fixtures. Examples of these are knobs, drawer pulls, light switch plates and handles. 

  • Higher ceilings – Billion dollar mansions often have really high ceilings. While you don’t need to reconstruct your home, you can just make an illusion of a higher ceiling. How?  Just raise your window treatment. Hang the drapes high and make the curtains reach the floor. You can also purposely use low slung furniture to make a ceiling look higher. Tall and slim mirrors can make the illusion of more space. Use a single colour to create an “extended look” from the ceiling to the walls.  Or, you can add a vertical stripe wallpaper.

  • Add mirrors – A bigger space is a more expensive space. Create this illusion by adding mirrors (with fancy frames) around the home. They also bounce light that makes your home look brighter.

  • Rugs provide coziness to a room – The ground furnishings can also add a sense of interest to an area. Make sure a portion of the feet of your furniture touches it. Choose a neutral-coloured area rug to complement any colour scheme in your home.

  • Remove anything old or ugly – What if your home was already expensive looking? Except, there are items that are keeping it from looking that way. Get rid of old or ugly items such as old cabinets, wall paint and doorknobs.  

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