Utilize the straightforward guide of our renovation specialist Sydney to determine the cost of your Sydney house makeover.


Renovation Specialist Sydney have an approximate price for specific renovations you want to have. For your:

  • Kitchen

It is approximately 25 – 40K AUS (basic room), 40-70K (mid range room), and 70-120K (high end room.

  • Bathroom

It is approximately 20 – 28K AUS (basic room), 28-40K (mid range room), and 40-80K (high end room.

  • Laundry Room

It is approximately 10 – 20K AUS (basic room), 20-30K (mid range room), and 30-60K (high end room.

  • Powder Room

It is approximately 10 – 15K AUS (basic room), 15-25K (mid range room), and 25-50K (high end room.

  • Butler’s Pantry

It is approximately 10 – 15K AUS (basic room), 15-25K (mid range room), and 25-45K (high end room.

  • Flooring per m²

It is approximately 80 – 100K AUS (basic room), 100-180K (mid range room), and 180-300K (high end room.

Renovation specialist Sydney is presuming that the renovation is done by qualified, registered builders and tradespeople. Your costs will vary greatly depending on the type of room you want to renovate. The cost to remodel a square meter of the bathroom is significantly higher than that of the bedroom.



Have you always desired an open plan living? Now that you have this continuous flow throughout the house, it is time to think about removing or moving some interior walls.

According to renovation specialist Sydney, for projects involving structural construction and some window placements, a building permit is required. You can either obtain a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) from a private certifier or a Development Application (DA) from Council. Don’t worry if this sounds like gibberish to you; Inner West Renovations team will handle this.

The additional planning and design fees that result from the building permit are stated below.

Construction cost

For this you need a builder and their cost is approximately around 10 – 80K.


For this you need a building designer or architect and their cost is approximately around 5 – 20K.


For this you need a council or private certifier and their cost is approximately around 2 – 4K.

Interior Design

For this you need an interior designer and their cost is approximately around 10 – 20K.

Engineer’s Plan

For this you need a structural engineer and their cost is approximately around 3 – 5K.

Land Survey

For this you need a surveyor and their cost is approximately around 2.5 – 3.5K.

The cost of changing the layout can be rather high. Having said that, renovation specialist Sydney reminds you that it can also substantially improve your home’s value and the return on your investment when it comes time to sell. This is a choice that merits investigation.




This cost table for renovations makes the assumption that all work is done by qualified, licensed contractors. GST is thus included in those prices. Therefore, when you factor this in, you can save a ton of money with advanced DIY abilities and some hard work.


Kitchen Renovation

The cost of the kitchen remodeling includes specially made cabinets, counters, splashbacks, sinks, and faucets. To calculate the overall cost, add the prices for new appliances such the refrigerator, cooktop, oven, steam oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc. The butler’s pantry is comparable. Cabinets, a tabletop, a sink, taps, and a splashback are all included in the price, but any appliances you might want to purchase are not.


Bathroom Renovation

The price of remodeling a bathroom includes the cost of buying tiles and other bathroom supplies. But labor costs account for a sizable portion of the cost:

  • Tiling
  • Water proofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Production of custom vanities



You will pay several times more for a comprehensive structural refurbishment than for a simple aesthetic one. The 10% renovation rule of thumb may not always apply in certain circumstances. According to real estate specialists, complete structural renovations could cost you up to 40% of the property’s existing worth. Therefore, if your Sydney home is valued at $500,000, a structural restoration that is completed to code might cost you up to $200,000. This could include the price of employing an architect or constructor, as well as the cost of shifting walls, altering the roof, altering the floor plan, adding new doors and windows for improved operation, etc.




  • If you want to sell, raise the worth of your house.
  • Improve the adaptability of your house to your changing demands and lifestyle
  • Upgrade worn-out hardware, including doors and windows.
  • Save on moving expenses by upgrading your home instead of moving instead, which requires significantly less money.
  • Increase space, functionality, and energy efficiency
  • Increased rental income from your investment property



  • You might have to leave while the renovation is going on.
  • Addressing garbage removal
  • When you renovate without a plan, you run the risk of overcapitalizing
  • Return on investment is important regardless of whether your property will be rented out or lived in by the owner.


Renovation Specialist Sydney summary of the cost of home renovation

Please remember that the amounts listed are simply guidelines. The most important thing is to leave 10 to 20% of your budget open for any unforeseen costs.

The renovation specialist Sydney are pleased to create some conceptual ideas for you to begin the planning of your ideal home in order to acquire a customized quote from a builder, like Sydney Inner West Home Renovation. You can choose exactly how much to account for and what you will receive in this manner.