Living Room Ideas for Smaller Homes

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The living room is the most public room in our home or apartment. As it receives and entertains guests, it requires unique detailing that impresses visitors and reflects your public image and style as well. Creating the perfect living space can be achieved with home renovations Sydney But, not all homes are built to include a large and spacious living room. Many small homes or apartments have to double the living room as the home office or dining area. So, if you are considering home renovations Sydney, here are a few ideas and designs that can turn a cramped room into one that is cosy and inviting.

Invite More Natural Light with New Windows

When you are performing home renovations Sydney, look for ways to allow more natural light into your living room. Replace your old, tired windows that lack light transmittance with generously sized new windows. It will enable a maximum amount of natural light to pour in.

If your living room has one or two windows that don’t need replacement, don’t block the natural light by adding dark curtains. Choose lighter shades of curtains to make the space more open and airy even if you don’t have large windows.

Add a Large Rug

Trick your mind to make the living room more spacious by choosing a larger rug in a bold pattern. It will not visually break up the floor but makes it appear larger.

Expand the Living Area

Traditionally, living rooms were kept tight and compact to save energy and bills. But, with more home buyers opting for larger living coupling with the need for today’s living needs, it’s imperative to expand the living area. Ask your home renovation specialists in Sydney to remove an interior non-load-bearing of an adjoining room that you don’t mind sacrificing if any. It provides a little privacy while still maintaining an overall sense of openness.

Choose a Perfect Colour Palette

Update the colour scheme of your living room area by using timeless, neutral colours or choosing colours that feature no more than four colours. Some of the most popular colour choices for the living room are white, grey, beige, and other neutrals. If you are opting for bolder colours, you can choose brown, gold, and earthy tones.

Shelves and Storage Units

Build shelves near the ceiling to pull the eye upward and create a sense of spaciousness. You can also build or install storage units that hug close to the wall to place clutter away from the sight. This instantly makes your living room appear larger.

If you are wondering how to turn a cramped living room into one that is cosy and inviting, follow these elegant, stunning, and beautiful living room ideas. These ideas will surely make your small living room in your space-challenged home or apartment more appealing. Visit for the best home renovations Sydney.

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