Sydney homeowners take pride in their home, and for good reason. Living in one of the most beautiful cities offers a wide variety of home design opportunities that are unique to Sydney, Australia. Home renovation ideas vary depending on what season you live in with winter being the harshest.

The city is home to many different trends when it comes to home designs but one thing remains constant: home renovation and upgrades are always happening! What can we expect from this year’s homes? Read more below!


Home Renovation Trends  In Sydney

In the year 2020, the way we see our homes changed. That’s because, with the pandemic, our home not only became a place for rest or to spend time with family. It also became our classroom, our office and a venue for “staycation”.

Hence, in the year 2020-2021, home renovation became a trend. We’re transforming our homes to adapt to the changes. Before you search “best home remodelers near me,  Check out some of the trends in home renovation today.


Home Office

While the pandemic kept us from seeing our colleagues, we were able to continue our work at home.  Today, home office renovation is a trend because it allows us to be more productive at home.

Home office renovations are simple with the right design and material. It also helps increase home value in Sydney!

Some of the common items installed during home office renovations:

  • Desks or workstations
  • Storage systems for books, documents
  • Proper lighting
  • And many more.

You can also upgrade the colour of the walls of your home office. You can put it in a colour that can make you more productive.


Backyard Pods

Now that we’re working from home, we barely have any time outdoors. That means we’re probably craving to see the greeneries and the outdoors.

But don’t fear!  There’s a solution to this problem that is also stylish and functional: backyard pods. Backyard pods let you work while being close to the outdoors. These home additions can also serve as an outdoor room for kids and guestrooms.


Garden and Patios

Staying indoors for long periods of time can make you feel isolated. Having a garden or a patio can help with your mental well being. Hence, most people in Sydney focus on a home renovation that involves upgrading their garden or their patios.

You can upgrade your garden by adding a water feature, something nice and shady or even some home garden plants to give your space that homey feel. Add some water fountains, birdbaths and a pond if it fits your taste.

Some other home renovations for Sydney residents involve creating outdoor rooms like pergolas or log cabins with decks. This is possible if you have the right budget and time frame in mind.

For patios, you can upgrade your sofas, or change the flooring design. You can get your concrete honed or polished.  You can also change the colour of your cement to a more earthy tone. You could get block paving slabs for an outdoor fireplace and even include some home garden plants in pots or hanging baskets on hooks as well.


Additional Bathrooms

In this time of the pandemic, sometimes a family member might need to isolate themselves to avoid the possible spread of the virus. If this is the case, then you might need another bathroom for them.

You can always consider having an ensuite home renovation which will include a new toilet, bathtub/shower combo or even a laundry with access from both sides of the home. That way, safety self-isolation can be done with ease and efficiency.


Transform your home to become more sustainable.

One of the biggest concerns today is climate change and pollution. That’s why more homeowners are upgrading their household to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Here are some of the ways to do this:

  1. Investing in energy-efficient appliances.
  2. Using renewable energy, for example, solar power.
  3. Using high-quality home insulation.
  4. Installing more glass windows to have more natural sunlight in.
  5. Taking a visit to salvage yards and antique shops for items like doorknobs and tables.


Adding a home gym

Now that we cannot go out and use a shared gym,  home gyms are becoming more of a necessity. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure to have enough room in your home for the workout equipment and that it doesn’t take up too much space
  • Remember to not overload on home gym equipment and invest only in tools you often use.
  • Get clarity on the kinds of workout you do. For example, do you prefer aerobics, dancing, yoga, running or workout with equipment? This will help you decide on the design of your home gym, and the types of equipment you should buy.


Kitchen upgrades

Today, for safety reasons, eating out is discouraged. Most restaurant’s dine-in options are limited as well. More people are experimenting with different recipes at home. They’re learning how to cook in their own kitchen with YouTube tutorials and online cooking classes. Hence, kitchen upgrades are currently a trend.

Here are some of the upgrades you can do for your kitchen:

  1. Upgrade your boring cabinet doors with glass panels. Having a home kitchen without cabinet doors will make it look more modern and open.
  2. Replace all old appliances for energy-efficient ones. All new home renovations should include updating home appliances. Today, you can choose energy-efficient ones.
  3. Turn an old door into a kitchen organizer. With stylish paint decor and hooks, you’ll have yourself an easy access kitchen tools organizer.



DIY Home Renovation Ideas Sydney

Even though whole-house upgrades can ramp up the value of your property, there are other strategies to modify your home without incurring debt or depleting your retirement savings. Consider some home renovation ideas you can do at home. Repainting, re-grouting flooring, and pressure rinsing the outside of your home may not cost you a lot of money, but these do-it-yourself subtle home renovations will upsurge the value of your property dramatically!

If you’re open to selling your home, you may raise the value of your primary residence by putting in some sweat equity, adopting a DIY mentality, and spending a few bucks. And even if you aren’t quite ready to put your house on the market, you can take pleasure in having a more appealing place to live. Choosing the ideal DIY home renovation project begins with a clear understanding of what you want to undertake and then taking into consideration how much time you have obtainable for the project. While all of these projects are easy to execute, some are more time consuming than others, so it’s worth being aware of what you’re getting yourself into before you begin.

On the plus side, none of these projects should take you more than a week or two to complete, and many of them may be accomplished in a matter of days or hours or even minutes. Thus, to facilitate you on a more creative and feasible upgrade, here’s some DIY home renovation ideas you might want to consider;

1. Revive Life Into Your Paints

If your walls are scratched and unclean, if the color is out of date, or if the wallpaper is peeling, a little manual labor and a few cans of acrylic can make a tremendous impression. A neutral colour palette that streamlines the overall property makes space look more spacious, and appeals to a wide range of potential purchasers that will help you fine tune the market of your home when it goes up for sale.

2. DIY Concrete Countertop Overlay for Vanity

Concrete austere fixtures are the epitome of modern elegant interior design. When it comes to updating your countertop, you might try some simple tricks first before making a significant investment by installing a DIY concrete countertop to your bathroom vanity and giving that dreaded old counter a new lease of life before investing in a new one.

3. Incorporate Interior Shutters

The glare of the sun coming through the windows might be a bothersome distraction. Not to mention the neighbours who are more likely to be home in the evenings and spy on your brightly illuminated living room. To add up to your list of home renovation ideas, you could install blinds to keep prying eyes away, but hanging wood shutters would be far more attractive in this situation.

Interior shutters were the first window coverings, and they’re still a terrific way to add cultural and architectural flair to homes in the South and cities throughout the world. They also aid in keeping out the harsh winds of winter and the scorching heat of summer. Furthermore, they are simple to install on any window because they are attached to a thin frame that can either be placed inside the window opening or wrapped around the outside of the casing to complete the installation.

4. Fit in Crown Moldings

Incorporating crown molding into your home or adding wall frames are a strikingly quick and easy home renovation ideas that may augment the aesthetic of your rooms. Purchase the molding from a local hardware store, cut it to the dimension that best suits your room (or have the business cut it for you), and nail it to the top of the wall using a nail gun to complete the project. These ornament strips may even be pre-painted when purchased. Installing crown molding requires some woodworking expertise as well as the proper tools, but it is a relatively inexpensive project that can be completed by the homeowner.

5. Uncover and Refurbish Hardwood Flooring

Particularly in older homes, it is possible to find hardwood floors hidden beneath carpeting or rugs. It’s possible that you have wood floors if your floorboards are squeaky. If you’re still not convinced, lift up your carpet in an inconspicuous place and check it out. If you have wood floors, there’s a strong chance you’ll need to refinish them in order to bring them back to their former glory. However, refinishing will be considerably less costly than replacing existing flooring from the ground up.

6. Install an Environmentally Friendly Layer of Insulation

It’s tiresome getting out of bed in the morning, let alone having to get out of bed and suffer the frigid shock of walking on an icy cold floor. What you really need is a little warmth underfoot and a little padding as you make your way around the house. Here comes the cork.

Natural cork flooring is resilient yet durable, attractive yet earthy, and it can transform any cool area into a cozy retreat. Cork flooring is also far less difficult to install than typical wood flooring. Engineered panels, which snap together without the use of glue or nails, are now being offered by manufacturers. Plywood, concrete, and even existing flooring are all suitable substrates for these floating-floor systems. In one day, you can transform a concrete floor into a comfy mat where your toes may walk freely without worry of becoming cold—or of ruining your pricey area rugs—by stepping on them.

7. Install Adhesive Veneers on the Walls

Adhesive veneers are wall coverings that are easy to apply and create the impression of texture. They are also inexpensive. If you have a little bit of time and patience, you can create a shiplap backsplash for your cooking area or a mimic brick wall for your room, both of which will give your area an updated appearance without requiring a complete renovation.



Given these home renovation ideas, and a plethora of other inventive DIYs you could think of, you will definitely never run out of ways to revamp your homes and bring it back to its former glory. But as much as we adore DIYs, some renovations will have to require professional employment. If that’s the case, then there’s no need to fret. Whatever home renovation ideas you have in mind, we’re here to transform it into tangible reality. If you are in need of some inspiration for your renovation project our experienced home renovations specialist Sydney, builders and designers are more than happy to provide you with some home renovation ideas if required.

You come to us and outline your vision; we explore the feasibility of your home renovation ideas and then get to work. Using the latest 3D rendering technology, we enable you to take a virtual trip through multiple design options for your new home design, new home build or renovation before deciding on the final project scope. As a highly regarded, experienced and licensed Sydney homes renovations company you can rely on us to not only provide a premium level of workmanship but also a level of customer service that sets the benchmark other companies aspire to. Consult with us today!


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