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Top Reasons to Hire a Custom Home Builder to Build Your Dream Home

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Within the building trade, building custom new homes is a specific niche and only a selected builders are recognised as custom home builders in Sydney. These builders specialise in the building of custom homes from start to finish and helps you in all phases of construction including site evaluation, design, lot clearing, and more. Here we’ve listed a few benefits of hiring custom new home builders in Sydney.

Comprehensive Services

From site evaluation to house design, Sydney home builders specialise in all phases of custom home building. They have the expertise to carry out even the complex jobs.

Site Evaluation

When you decide to build a custom home, you will start with buying a piece of land to envision your dream home. Every property is unique and encompasses trees, meadow areas, intermittent streams, and more. So, while performing site evaluation Sydney home builders will look into the following features.

  • Analysing the condition of the soil to build the foundation
  • Identifying and mitigating concerns about erosion
  • Finding how to grade for placement of utilities

Home Design

After the completion of site evaluation, you must get ready for architectural design and permit for your custom home. A custom home builder in Sydney will help you to create a design for your home and bring the vision of your dream home to life. They work closely with architects to come up with a great design for your dream home. They also come up with ready-to-go design elements that help you to simplify your decision making process. These professionals forward the blueprints and plan to the authorities for approval. Once the plan is approved, they will consult with you to ensure that there are no changes in your decision-making.


The construction of your custom home is the most exciting and rewarding process. A custom home builder will take care of all the works associated with your new home building, and allows you to sit back and relax while you watch your new home go up. You don’t have to worry about dealing with subcontractors, deliveries, or building inspection.

The custom new home builders in Sydney will carry all the necessary heavy equipment and skilled operators to perform all the building tasks. They prepare the site, dig foundation, grade the driveway, and install landscaping. They also update you with photos and progress reports, and keep you in the loop throughout the construction phase.

Looking for new custom home builders in Sydney? Our professional builders help you in ensuring a stress-free experience, co-ordinating trades people and staying in close contact to streamline the project.

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Common Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid It

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Are you planning to renovate your home? From relocating plumbing and electrical work to overcapitalizing, there are many renovation mistakes that you’ll make when you are planning for home renovations in Sydney. Here we’ve compiled a list of renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Overestimating the Renovation Budget

One of the biggest mistakes of home renovations in Sydney is overestimation of the renovation budget. While beginning your journey on a renovation project, there are many things to consider including researching labour costs, comparing quotes, and finding out the right materials for your renovation project. Gather all the essential information beforehand to make the right decision for your renovation project. This will keep you away from the trap of underestimating costs that leads to overcapitalisation.

Renovation Timeline

Best home renovations in Sydney emphasize on renovation timeline and it’s an important aspect as budgeting. Once you’ve come up with the plan for your renovation work, you should how long each task will take and decide a project completion date. Creating a proper timeline helps you to schedule the work carefully and help organising the home renovation project.

Getting Involved in DIY

Painting and landscaping are few of the tasks homeowners can do themselves but there are certain things that you shouldn’t do on your own. You must hire professionals for more complex works such as plumbing or carpentry and attempting DIY for these projects will lead to costly repairs and dangerous results. So, get advice from home renovation specialists in Sydney for all the simple and complex works. It’s better to get advice from professionals before starting work than having to hire them later to repair the mess you have created.

Permit, Approval and License

Some renovations involve zero paperwork while others require the hassle of getting approvals and permits. It can take longer to process, around 4 weeks for getting approval alone. In some cases, these requirements come as a surprise, if you aren’t planning it properly.

So, acquire permits and approvals before staring your renovation projects to avoid penalties and ensure that your building meets the regulations published by your state.


Upgrading Wrong Areas

Spending a bulk of amount on a wrong room is not a wise decision. It drains all your money and energy, and won’t add any value to your property. So, always remember to spend the majority of your renovation budget on master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. This earns you more profit when you decide to put your home or sale or rent in the market. Get advice from your home renovation specialists in Sydney to save more.

Home renovations in Sydney are costly and emotionally draining, but when done the right way, it can add more value to your property.

Solve the Dilemma of Building a New House or Renovating an Existing One

By Custom Home Builders, New Home Builders

Your home is your greatest investment! But, at some point of time, when extensive improvements are to be made on your home and if there are a few limitations in your house structure, your Sydney home builders will suggest you detonate. You’ll find yourself in a dilemma to decide between building a new home and renovating an existing one before the things are said. Should I renovate? Should I build a new home from scratch? Which one will have more value? Your mind will be bombarded with a dozen questions that you’ll find it extremely difficult to decide on the right solution. So, here we are to enlighten you with some insights that help you in the process of making an enormous decision.

Building a New Home

For an instant, curb your nostalgia (as you’ve grown to love the old place), and look to the promise of the future, just to see the advantage of building a new home.

  • When you choose to build a new house, your new home builders will help you customise it to suit your taste, needs, and requirements in all the aspects.
  • One of the most important aspects of building a new home is that you don’t have to worry about the renovation for years to come.
  • Since your house is brand new, you don’t have to spend a fortune on maintenance.
  • With the latest upgrades and modern touch to the living space, you can build a new house according to the latest standards, especially with regard to the electrical and thermal installations. Since your house is optically structured, it will be undoubtedly more energy-efficient.
  • You can add modern and spacious bathrooms that are hard to achieve by renovating your existing bathroom.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Building a new house brings you more comfort than renovating if you aren’t a fan of old houses. You can also enjoy the freedom of making your own plans that will always be as close as possible to your wishes. When you hire the best home builders in Sydney to build your new home, you’ll be gifted with a new home with every feature that meets the standards and requirements of the current day.

Home Renovation

Home renovation is an economical process, and you don’t have to do everything at once. Based on your budget and time, you can schedule renovations and update your kitchen, bathroom, and living room separately. When it comes to bathroom renovation, you’ll likely to spend a lot of money, if you want to change all the appliances. In that case, please read our previous blog to know how to renovate a bathroom on a budget. You can redesign and refinish your bathroom or other spaces to make them look more spacious, but they will remain the same size. Moreover, the home renovation will not save you from the regular maintenance too.

The Bottom Line

Either it be a home renovation or building a new home with the help of new home builders, each has its own pros and cons. It’s up to you to evaluate the facts thoroughly and decide on an option that suits you the most.

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Is Building a Custom New Home in Australia Better than Buying?

By Custom Home Builders, New Home Builders

In recent days, people who are entering the property market in Australia hire custom new home builders in Sydney to build their own home than buying one. Building a property from scratch has many benefits over buying. Here we’ve listed a few reasons why building a custom home by custom builders in Sydney is better than buying a ready-built home.

Value for Money

When you are building a custom home you can save on potential costs that may be involved in the long-term tasks including maintenance and more. Buying a two-bed room apartment may seem cheaper but when you build you home, you can add as much as rooms or anything you want, and get more value on your money. Also, there will not be any maintenance works that are left as everything will be new with no work to be done.

Incorporate Your Own Style

You can hire custom home builders in Sydney to build your home to suit your style. Yes, in this area, you are free to build every single corner of the house to your exact preferences. You can have an open plan living and kitchen area, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, and more. You can also recreational facilities such as a spa or pool area as you want.

The primary reason why building your own home is beneficial is that no space in your home is left unused. With a great shift in the design and size of the home, you have the opportunity to create your own floor plan rather than an already existing property that may be outdated.

Energy Saving

Nowadays, new home are built with cost-saving factors in mind and there are a myriad of options that make it easier to save on costs as well as, save the environment by cutting excessive energy consumption. Did you know normal home windows can let in or leak away up to 40 per cent of your home heating or cooling energy, but it can be reduced by up to 80 per cent by choosing energy-efficient windows? Moreover, you can also choose paint colours that can have a great effect on lighting and heating levels. Many research reports show that using lighter coloured interior paints to improve daylight levels inside your home will essentially minimise the need for using lights throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

Hiring custom new home builders in Sydney and building a new home from scratch can be more profitable than buying a pre-built house. If you are using your own home as an investment property, you can claim depreciation over the first few years, and enjoy tax benefits.

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5 Traits of a Reputable Custom Home Builder

By Custom Home Builders, New Home Builders

Building a new house is one of the biggest investments one can ever make. Therefore, it is necessary that you hand over the responsibility to a team of efficient and reliable custom new home builders in Sydney. The process of researching and finding the right professionals can be daunting. So, what makes a good custom home builder stand out? Following are the 5 favourable things to look for before hiring one:

A Rich Portfolio of Custom Homes:

Check out the portfolio of past projects before hiring a home builder. This lets you gauge their ability in experimenting with a diverse range of architectural styles. A portfolio will clearly represent their track record of successfully designing and constructing appealing homes. Also check if the custom homes were constructed well within the budget.

Reliable Customer Service:

Good custom new home builders in Sydney will be committed to satisfy their customers. Right from the design to the construction stages of your home, the staff will promptly attend to your requirements and address your concerns in an efficient way. They will clearly communicate and let you know about the progress of the project to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Solid Knowledge:

Another advantage of hiring an experienced custom home builder is that they have a strong knowledge on everything associated with the construction of a new home. This includes making the right choice of high-grade materials for your new home, from flooring to smart home appliances.

The custom builders in Sydney will try and strike a balance between form and functionality in all aspects. They will also help you to choose the right materials depending on your requirements and budget. Simply put, they endeavour to create a great living experience for you and your family.

Positive Customer Reviews:

It is strongly suggested to do a background check on a custom home builder before deciding to hire them. Check the references and see what the past customers have got to tell about the service. A reliable home builder won’t be hesitant to provide you such references. Ask the past clients about the experience they’ve had throughout the process. This will give you a gist of what you could expect from their service.

Strong design Team:

Good design ideas form the foundation of a great home. Homeowners make their vision a reality with the assistance of professional custom home builders in Sydney. Reputable home builders will have a strong and competent design team that will incorporate their clients’ ideas into the house plan. They can also suggest new designs and styles that make your house eye-appealing. Opt for custom home builders who can design a new house from scratch and fulfil what you exactly require.

These are some of the aspects to look for before hiring a custom home builder. Talk to the professionals and see how they can help you build your dream home.

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