Custom Home Builder Russell Lea: Keeping Up With Waterfront Style

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Russell Lea is the best location for homeowners who wants to have that luxurious view of the ocean and what is more fitting than hiring custom home builder Russell Lea to maximize that home waterfront style. Every year, trends and styles change in the construction and interior design industry. How do you keep up with waterfront style with the help of your custom home builder Russell Lea? Keep reading and we will tell you all about what is needed to know.





If you’re building a new home, consult with a custom home builder Russell Lea to ensure that the house is oriented such that floor-to-ceiling windows provide unobstructed vistas. The larger the view, the more area span windows there are, thus including “glass wall” style windows nicely accommodates the capacity to get incredible views. Another alternative is to install bi-fold doors on the water-facing walls. Corner windows can also provide spectacular immersive vistas when incorporated into a home’s design. Any additional features will let in a lot of natural light and provide stunning views of the sea.

While lake views are vital, it’s also important to think about comfort, which involves considering sunshine levels. Homeowners may not want to be awakened at 5:30 a.m. as the summer sun begins to shine, but you may not want to view that light until after 8 a.m. revolving around Functionality is a crucial factor depending on the angle at which the windows are positioned. Solutions include a variety of non-blocking window treatments, such as darkening or smart blinds, that may be simply opened or tucked away. Installing double-glazed windows with heat-reflective glass to keep temperatures more comfortable is a popular eco-friendly house investment to solve heat concerns.

Homeowners can also consult with an experienced custom home builder about ways to maximize water views without hindering daily lifestyles.



In general, open floor plans are a popular architectural trend; however, when it comes to homes with water views, open floor plans are a must. There will be fewer barriers to observing the water’s beautiful backdrop or how the sunlight dances across the water waves if there are fewer indoor walls. If the house currently has walls that impede these views, smart custom home builder Russell Lea can assist with a redesign, and experienced home builders can make the concept of an open floor plan a reality.

Imagine coming into a house and seeing directly out the back door at the vista. Alternatively, how about dining by candlelight as the moon reflects on the water? Unwinding with a good book on a cool winter day while watching the wind whip through the waves? Homeowners can enjoy almost panoramic views of the water by improving the home’s layout. The potential for creating moments of inspiration and relaxation is infinite with good design.



Telling your custom home builder Russell Lea to add an outdoor living space to a waterfront home can also help to maximize the home’s magnificent ocean views. Making a balcony, deck, or other outdoor living space more inviting, for example, will encourage homeowners and their guests to spend time there. Converting an existing outdoor space to an open lanai means removing barriers such as columns, railings, and other structures, allowing for unobstructed views of the lake. Custom Home Builder Russell Lea often get requests to install an alfresco kitchen, grilling area, firepit, pool and spa, and comfortable seating arrangements to enhance the outdoor experience which is a great idea for any homeowners. Adding an outdoor fireplace or heater extends the season of use of these comfortable outdoor places during the winter months.

Instant access is one of the best features of waterfront property. A private boat dock, equipped with a small storage room for surfboards, water skis, tubes, and other water accessories, readily enhances a seaside lifestyle while also increasing the property’s value. With the addition of some lounge chairs, homeowners may create the ideal daily getaway without ever leaving the house.



It’s critical to evaluate where and how everyone spends the majority of their time when planning to build or modify a home. To begin, determine how much time is spent in various places, such as the living room, kitchen, den, bedroom, or home office, to mention a few. Next, consider your daily lifestyle and routine, as this will have a direct impact on the best room arrangement. A water view, for example, could enhance the job and bring inspiration if you work from home. In an ideal world, homeowners would like to have the best views of the water in the areas where they spend the most time. This is especially true for properties with a limited number of excellent views or homes with only partial ocean views.

Save less vital sections like mudrooms, storage rooms, and pantries for the home’s walls and angles that don’t have the best lake views. This should be simple if you’re building new, but even in existing homes, a custom home builder Russell Lea can help you reorganize places to provide additional views of the lake.



The beauty of a waterfront home is that it may be built in any style and with any number of floors as long as the main living room has a clear view of the water. The most popular request custom home builder inner west Sydney today is an open concept floor design that is easily adaptable to this style. A wraparound deck is frequently found off the main living area, creating an additional living space that is ideal for overlooking the sea.

Waterfront homes come in many shapes and sizes. Oceans, rivers, ponds, streams, and lakes all provide unique life possibilities. When looking for a home, you’ll want to know how to care for a waterfront property because they often demand more maintenance and upkeep than a home in a standard area. Having a custom home builder Russell Lea in your building project is a big asset.



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