What makes a custom home builder in Strathfield NSW different from others? Is it how big the offices are? The numbers of employees they have?

There are bound to be mistakes if it is your first time to build but you can also make mistakes even if you have done this a lot and have not well planned and studied the project ahead of time. Custom home builder in Strathfield NSW are widely popular because of the skyrocketing sales in the real estate industry. But this does not necessarily mean that building one is going to be good, you need the best custom home builder inner west Sydney to help you achieve that and a lot can happen between you and them. So, here are the common mistakes that custom home builder in Strathfield NSW never make.




Yes, we like to save money or not to go out of budget or maybe go even lower than the original budget and this is commonly done by preferring the cheaper options. Opting to go for the cheaper options keeps your money and investment in jeopardy. Buying subpar materials or finding alternatives to how things should be done and done with might end up you spending more money on repair than building it in the first place.


A lot of custom building houses are done because it’s the current trend, this is not bad, but you should consider if it is worth the money, is it functional to the current situation you’re in or if it is really necessary. A lot of custom home building are done because of trend. You should always think of a long-term investment. Thinking short term is risky and is not worth it. Get out of the bandwagon and try to keep your options open.

Think outside of the box and you might just end up making a trend rather than jumping on one. To avoid getting caught in this situation, you should always research first. Extensive planning will help you determine risk factors and will provide you with assurance once the project is on the works. Custom home building ideas are always changing but being smart about it will definitely make you stand out.


Ignoring the simplest things is a common theme in building or renovating. We are so focused on the bigger things and forget some important things and these are usually the simple ones. The best custom home builder in Strathfield NSW also think that internal home renovations should also be a top priority like the lighting or the exterior. Ignoring this kind of stuff will create problems in the future and will surely cost a lot of money. You might just be out of time before you can come up with a solution, better to do it now than regretting late on.


Data collection and analysis, an understanding of who will occupy what space, how the space is utilized, and document management is all included in the planning phase. Basically, all documents related to a project such as documentation management that involves drawings, historic archived records of plans, and renovation works.

Aside from documentation, the other side of planning is more interactive. Programming, working to understand how the space was used previously, the current status of the space, and what the future plan is for the space are involved in the campus/facility planning. Programming, the foundation for the design effort, is essential to informing design aesthetics.

Planning is involved in data collection, with an inventory of each space being documented every three years, even after a project has been planned, sent off to construction, built and completed. Data collection of floor plans is on-going because many changes that occur do not result in renovations.


Making out a budget is crucially important before embarking on any building projects and renovations. This will inform the rest of the process. If you know how much money you must spend on the project, you can use that amount to make other important decisions along the way. Custom home builder in Strathfield NSW may depend on your budget and start planning from there and discuss specifics with you.

Home renovation Burwood on the other hand requires if not unlimited, a substantial amount of budget to get the job done but this does not necessarily mean spending whatever they want but lay out expenditures and look for options that would fit the project. When you hire the good custom home builder in Strathfield NSW, you do not need to worry about going over budget as they will discuss everything with you before proceeding to construction.




Custom home builder in Strathfield NSW should never be afraid to think creatively and should always keep the greater picture in mind when making decisions. When you are building a house, you need to give some thought to which rooms you will spend the majority of your time in, what you intend from your new house, and where you want each room to be located.

If you are continuously getting bogged down in the details, you will have a tendency to forget about the fundamental difficulties. Convenience may be added to a home by doing things like positioning the laundry room close to the bedrooms. You won’t have to drag your laundry baskets up and down the stairs anymore. On the other hand, keeping your laundry room located in the basement will cause you to lose a significant amount of the valuable time that you have available to you.

In addition, a custom home builder in Strathfield NSW should position the bedrooms so that they face the side of the home that is the majority of the time calm. In an ideal situation, the side of the home that is not visible from the street and is further away from any roads. You must also ensure that the bedrooms are located in a place that is separate from the garage in order to reduce the amount of noise that travels to the bedrooms.


There are times when the house of your dreams or the place that you consider to be your home does not correspond to the way that you live. When it comes to the planning and design of your home, you should take into consideration your requirements, way of life, routines, and potential future decisions.

You have to take into account all of the potential outcomes while keeping your long-term objectives in mind. How long do you intend to stay? Do you plan on having children and bringing them up in this house? Do you intend to make this home your permanent residence after you reach retirement age?

The layout of your ideal home is going to be determined by all of the factors that have been discussed so far. You have to make sure that your home is well prepared for each of those potential outcomes in your life and that you take into account every one of these factors. It is of the utmost importance that the house in which you intend to spend the most of your life not only be habitable but also include a high level of security. Once you have set your mind on your long-term goals within your residence, communicate it to your custom home builders in Strathfield NSW in order to work with your resources.



Some people spend years planning out their ideal house, during which time they become very specific about the features that they require. Even if you don’t have every detail planned out just yet, you undoubtedly have some ideas about what you want and don’t want in your custom home already. If you are able to convey these concepts to your custom home builder in Strathfield NSW throughout the design phase, it will be easier for them to acquire a sense of your individual preferences and sense of style.

It may be helpful to work through these concepts on paper before the meeting with your custom home builder in Strathfield NSW so that you can get your thoughts in order. You might even come to realise that you have a clearer concept of what you want in a custom home than you did when you first started the process! You can even expand your idea pool by going to local home shows and open houses in the area. Your current home might be a source of inspiration for your future custom home if you take the time to evaluate the aspects of it that you dislike.

Get yourself a notebook and a pencil, and let’s get started with the fundamentals. What kinds of rooms do you want in your custom home, and how many total rooms do you want there to be? Are there any extras and luxuries that absolutely have to be included in the package? Where do we stand with those who it would be wonderful to have?

While you are working through the process of pondering about your home and getting your thoughts on paper, you may be able to return to those ideas later and alter them as you add or remove certain components. Additionally, this is an excellent time to prioritise the goods. The entirety of this can assist you in working through and organising your own thoughts, and it can also be helpful information for your custom home builder in Strathfield NSW.





Our custom home builders understand the fundamentals of construction, it’s likely that he will be able to detect if his subcontractors are doing their jobs correctly. In building, there are numerous things that can go wrong. And by avoiding these difficulties, we ensure that your general contractor has a construction experience so that we can ensure that only high-quality work is completed on your project.


The first thing you should learn about a builder is their credentials. A good builder should have the necessary licenses and insurance to execute the work in your location.

You should double-check these credentials before hiring someone, as well as their other experience and qualifications. Our builders have a lot of experience and years of experience building fantastic homes.

We have all of the qualifications we need to do the job. Custom home builder in Strathfield NSW received certifications and some of our builders are members of unique home-building associations.

Knowing the companies credentials can give you a good idea of how professional they will be after you employ them to construct your luxury house.


Thriving firms maintain a culture that attracts and maintains employees, and in order to do so, executives must be aware of the priorities of millennials and other groups – vision, transparency, teamwork, access to leadership, and so on.

We, custom home builder in Strathfield NSW and in Quantum Built strive to combat this by providing staff with a healthy work atmosphere and remove as many hurdles to their achievement as feasible.

And, because there isn’t a labor shortage right now, the difficulty isn’t finding employment, but understanding “when to turn off the faucet,” as he put it, so that staff aren’t overworked.


Because you’ll be paying a lot of money to have someone oversee your construction project, make sure the contractor you hire has excellent communication skills. If you don’t get along with their communication style, your demands may be misinterpreted, resulting in irritation. Make sure we know exactly what you want and can put it into action, so you get the most bang for your buck.


Any custom home builder in Strathfield NSW with whom you collaborate should share your ideals. They should maintain a professional demeanor throughout the entire procedure.

If you are planning to hire new builders, find out as much as you can about the custom home builder Strathfield or your chosen custom home builders code of ethics and ideals before hiring them. Find out about their community participation as well as their professional background. These things can provide you a lot of information about a builder’s values.

Make every effort to learn about their background and activities in your community. By doing this, you may just learn a good deal about them and whether you genuinely want to hire them for the position or not.

We can assure you we are involved as possible and provide honest and professional services to anyone who wants to hire us.



The years of being in business reflects on how experienced and knowledgeable we are when it comes to building and renovating. We always make sure that we are with our clients from planning and even after the job is done to make sure that every possible thing is accounted for, and our clients are satisfied with out work. If you want to learn more about our service, explore our official website or contact us so we can answer your questions directly.