We always want to renovate little things in the house from time to time and it is always fun whenever we do it ourselves. There are times that we know we can do it but does it actually turn out the way you exactly want it to go? What went wrong? There are a lot of things that go wrong in home renovations and we are going to discuss about it.

Home renovations in Sydney have been on rise since the pandemic started but with the restrictions the renovations have been done without professional help. It is true that you can save a lot of money if you do it but does it protect it? You might end up paying more to fix the things than having it built. That is why this list of common things to remember when you are trying to do home renovations in Sydney.




Australia has been in renovation frenzy amidst the pandemic. A lot of household has been piling up their renovation projects in their homes and is hitting an all-time high. This is driven by low interest rates and rapidly rising house and apartment prices. The statistics gathered last 2019 have placed a value on major renovations works was $8.49 billion compared to 2018’s $8.43 billion. Many 2019 approvals will relate to work that gets underway on 2020, keeping the renovation trend bubbling along, despite the hit to the economy of the coronavirus.

The year 2021 has shown a seasonally adjusted estimate for the total number of dwelling units commenced rose 18.6%. New private sector house commencements rose 26.6% while new private sector other residential commencements rose to 4.1%. The value of total building work done rose 0.1% to $29.4 billion.

If you are keen on having a renovation project done, here are a few things to remember and consider avoiding inconvenience during and after the project:



There are times, sometimes unavoidable; you might end up working with the wrong or an unqualified home renovation contractor r specialists. This will lead to an unsatisfactory workmanship and might end up wasting money. They might be unable to perform various renovation tasks or do the job halfway done due to a lack of prerequisite qualifications.

To avoid this kind of situation, take your time to vet several home renovation specialists in Sydney. Do they meet the bare minimum standards? Do they possess the qualifications that you need to show their level of competence? What does their track record look like? Do they get good reviews? Having referrals from friends and family can be done also to make sure that you are safe from bogus home renovation specialists.




Yes we like to save money or not to go out of budget or maybe go even lower than the original budget and this is commonly done by preferring the cheaper options. Opting to go for the cheaper options keeps your money and investment in jeopardy. Buying subpar materials or finding alternatives to how things should be done and done with might end up you spending more money on repair than building it in the first place.

To avoid this situation, you should hire the best home builders in Sydney, keep a close communication with them, collaborate and ask for professional advice. This way will not only keep your investment in good hands but making the project more worth it and have a result you would like.



A lot of renovations are done because it’s the current trend, this is not bad but you should consider if it is worth the money, is it functional to the current situation you’re in or if it is really necessary. A lot of home renovations in Sydney are done because of trend. You should always think of a long term investment. Thinking short term is risky and is not worth it. Get out of the bandwagon and try to keep your options open. Think outside of the box and you might just end up making a trend rather than jumping on one.

To avoid getting caught in this situation, you should always research first. Extensive planning will help you determine risk factors and will provide you with assurance once the project is on the works. Home renovations in Sydney are always changing, but being smart about it will definitely make you stand out.



Ignoring the simplest things is a common theme in home renovations in Sydney. We are so focused on the bigger things and forget some important things and these are usually the simple ones. Internal home renovations should also be a top priority like the lighting or the exterior. Ignoring this kind of stuff will create problems in the future and will surely cost a lot of money. You might just be out of time before you can come up with a solution, better to do it now than regretting late on.

To avoid this kind of situation, keep a list of the important things and always make it a priority because this are the things that can make it or break it for your renovation project to be successful.

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