Are you a homeowner looking to have your class 2 building built? Wondering what the safety and compliance requirements are when it comes to these projects? Looking for a provider that can help you fulfill these compliance and safety needs to make sure your new home is high-quality and safe?

In this article, we’ll tackle what class 2 buildings are, how to ensure they are safe and compliant, and how to make sure you hire the right class 2 builders Sydney. Ready? Let’s begin.


What are Class 2 Buildings and Class 2 Builders Sydney?

Class 2 Buildings are any new buildings or renovations that are less than 10,000 square feet. Examples of class 2 buildings are domestic apartment buildings with 2 or more sole occupancy units where people live above, below, or beside one another. It can also be a single-family home or a single-storey attached dwelling for as long as they are less than 10,000 sq. ft. On the other hand, class 2 builders Sydney are those with the license to build or renovate class 2 buildings in Sydney.


Below is an overview of the requirements and qualifications that Class 2 builders must meet in order to be eligible to serve as your new home builder Inner West Sydney area or provide home building services in Sydney.

Under the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation, class 2 builders who want to work on Class 2 structures in NSW must register. For low-rise, medium-rise, and unconditional registration, various alternatives are available.



Under the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation, class 2 builders for a Class 2 project must be registered as a building practitioner. Building professionals have two registration options: a conditional registration that is limited to low- or medium-rise building, or a registration that is unlimited.

When working on a Class 2 building, engineers and designers must additionally register for their specific work. As part of your due diligence before starting a project, make sure to check this requirement.



Before registering, you should visit the NSW Fair Trading website and review the specific requirements for your class of registration. Generally speaking, before beginning an application, you should collect or finish the following:

  • Identification documentation
  • Proof of recent relevant experience, together with copies of any licenses and credentials you may hold
  • Builders and designers must finish the following training programs on the Construct NSW TAFE portal:
    • The Value of Australian Standards
    • Navigating the Design and Building Practitioner Legislation
  • Undergo national police check.
  • Check the registration costs that apply to your application and pay them.
  • As part of your 12 points of builder CPD each 12-month period, you must complete 3 hours of courses that have been approved in order to maintain.

Class 2 builders will need to have either an endorsed contractor license, as defined by the Home Building Act of 1989, or a qualified supervisor certificate.  Interstate applicants must either apply for a NSW license or request that NSW Fair Trading recognize their builder license.



Why Is It Important for Class 2 Builders Sydney to Ensure Safety and Compliance?

When class 2 builders Sydney build a home, it’s important that their homes are safe and compliant to home building regulations. When they’re not compliant, they could risk the following incidents:

  • Rapid spread of fire during fire emergencies
  • Random collapse of the ceiling
  • Collapse of the building during light earthquakes and other calamities
  • Improper use of asbestos or other harmful building materials that can negatively impact the health of dwellers.

All of which could pose a threat to the health, safety, and well-being of its dwellers. They follow building regulations, they make sure that the house is safe and habitable without posing any risks to the occupants.



How Can Class 2 Builders Sydney Ensure Safety and Compliance?


Get a Building Permit

Building permits make sure class 2 builders Sydney meets building regulations and policies. Building permits will require additional fees, but it’s important to get them to ensure your new home construction project is compliant to your local town’s building codes and safety regulations.


Keep Up to Date with Updates on Building Standards and Regulations

Building standards and regulations are regularly and consistently updated to make sure that they are up to date with modern construction methods or changes in the construction world. Thus, class 2 builders Sydney must always stay updated of any changes in these regulations to make sure they’re always compliant.

All throughout Australia, the National Construction Code (NCC) always provides the minimum necessary requirements for:

  • Health safety
  • Construction
  • Design sustainability
  • Livability of new buildings


Class 2 Builders Sydney Must Follow Australian Standards for Buildings

For a safe and compliant home construction, Class 2 builders Sydney must have intensive knowledge of the BCA and various Australian standards:

Below are some of the Australian standards for buildings:

Home Area Standard
Kitchen The height of the kitchen must not be less than 2.1 metre.
Passageways and Corridors The height of the corridors and passageways must not be less than 2.1 metre
Bathrooms, Garage, Pantry, Laundry, and Shower Room These rooms must not be less than 2.1 metre in height
Habitable Room Habitable rooms must not be less than 2.4 metre in heigh
Stairs Construction and design of stairs must be according to the AS/NZS 1170.1. Furthermore, stairs shouldn’t have less than 2 and more than 18 risers in each flight.
Roofing The construction and shapes of the roof must ensure protection of all occupants from the weather.
Light All habitable rooms must be provided with natural lighting through windows and roof lights.

The new homes must also possess the following characteristics:

  • Structural adequacy
  • Resistance to fire
  • Proper entrance and emergency exits
  • Efficiency and sustainability of energy
  • Health and amenity provisions for occupants.


Hire a Safety Inspector

Once the construction is done, hiring a certified home safety inspector can help make sure the new home is free of risks and hazards. If something is not up to safety standards, the safety inspector can spot these risks and make sure it’s fixed before you move into your new home. An inspector with a good reputation can provide you with a thorough inspection. A thorough inspection of your property ensures that it is safe, secure, and structurally sound.

With a home safety inspector, you can easily review your new home for hazards that are related to:

  • Structural collapse
  • Stair, rail and ladder safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Gas appliance safety
  • Heating safety
  • And more



What Do You Look for In Class 2 Builders Sydney?


Class 2 Builders Sydney must have a Class 2 Builders License

Having a class 2 builder’s license means they are legally allowed to offer construction on class 2 projects. It also means they have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure the safety, stability and quality of your class 2 home.


Class 2 Builders Sydney must have a proven track record

They must have worked on similar projects in the past. Furthermore, they must have the documentation, references, and testimonials to back their claims. A proven track record means they’ve done this type of home project before at the safety, stability, and quality you desire.


Hire a Skilled Home Builder for Your Class 2 Building Project

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