There are changes to the Class 2 Building industry, and that is the class 2 building industry reform.  Class 2 Builders NSW must be aware of them to ensure compliance when building new class 2 buildings.

In this article, we’ll talk more abut them, and how class 2 builders Sydney and homeowners can benefit from them. Let’s begin.


Changes Class 2 Builders NSW Need to Know


The Design and Building Practitioner Act

With the Design and Building Practioner Act, class 2 builders NSW need to establish statutory care on anyone who performs construction work. The “reasonable care” should be implemented to avoid economic loss that is resulted from defects in the Class 2 Buildings. This new law also requires builders, engineers and designers to be registered under a new statutory registration scheme.


Residential Apartment Building Act

The RAB Act grants additional authority and investigative powers to the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service (including any authorised officer) (Secretary).

Now, they can order Class 2 builders NSW for the correction of work or forbid building work from being performed or completed.



Benefits of The Reform for Class 2 Builders NSW and Homeowners

Here are the reason why these 2 specific reforms were implemented for Class 2 Builders NSW to follow. According to the NSW Government’s Shergold Weir Building Confidence Report, there were concerns about:

  1. Building work
  2. Workers’ safety during construction

All of which affects the trust between builders and owners. By enacting the 2 new laws, the building industry is expected to become more trustworthy, buildings will be safer, and owners and building practitioners will be able to work together more effectively.


Here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

Better Protection for Homeowners and Buyers

Because the reforms give class 2 builders NSW a legal duty of care, homeowners and buyers are better protected. It is ensured that they only buy and occupy class 2 buildings that are safe and of high quality. If class 2 builders NSW don’t comply with Australia’s building code, they can face penalties like having to pay to fix defects, or worst, not having the building registered.


More Confidence in the Building Industry

The new reforms aim to make sure class 2 builders NSW ensure the safety and stability of new structures. This includes handling concerns about building works and workers’ safety. This fosters a stronger trust between the builders and homeowners.

Now, as the buildings are safer, the public has more confidence in the building industry. This encourages more building projects in the future that can positively impact the economy and the financial stability of class 2 builders NSW.


Avoid Economic Loss

Defects in property cause economic loss. Moreover, economic loss leads to financial loss, which is the result of records, medical bills, wage loss, future loss of earning capacity and having to prepare property damage – all of which are results of defective buildings.

By making sure that developers and class 2 builders NSW  are forced to halt or correct uncompliant work, it will result in fewer defects in the buildings, which means homeowners can prevent economic loss and financial loss due to poor-quality building work.


NSW Building Regulators Have More Power

Now, NSW building regulators have the power to withhold occupation certificates for non-compliant apartments and other class 2 buildings. They also have the power to stop developers from the settlement stage, which is the stage where they have profit. This means, developers and class 2 builders NSW are forced to build safe and compliant class 2 buildings that will ensure safety and confidence for all homeowners and dwellers.


Higher Standard of Class 2 Building Construction for NSW

Because of the improved Class 2 Building reforms, New South Wales is now ahead of other Australian states and territories when it comes to the quality and safety of class 2 buildings, as well as in terms of workers’ safety.


Better Safety for Construction Workers

The new reforms also encourages utmost cares for construction workers. This could mean strictly implementing the following during class 2 building construction:

  1. Scanning the construction site for potential hazards and implementing proper measures to control these hazards.
  2. Ensuring everyone has the proper gears and protection before beginning work, including safety footwear and head gear
  3. Inspection of all machinery and large equipment for defects before commencing work
  4. Implementing training before commencing work, especially for high-risk activitiies that includes entering confined spaces or heights
  5. Having an emergency response plans before commencing site work.


Puts Customers First

After high-profile apartment defects were exposed on structures like Opal Tower and Mascot Towers, NSW consumers’ trust and confidence in class 2 builders NSW and the building industry as a whole is at its all-time low. By implementing these new reforms, homeowners and buyers can make sure they are protected at all times when buying homes or getting their homes built.

The new laws also prevent class 2 builders NSW and developers to neglect the quality of their class 2 buildings and focus only on the potential profits. Instead, they are encouraged to focus on the consumers’ needs and ensure the new building is up to their safety and quality standard.



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