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It’s time to renovate your bathroom! If you have been putting it off for years, now is the time. With renovation builders Sydney available to guide you, discover many bathroom renovation trends and tips to choose from. To help you get started on organizing your renovation project, we have put together a list of when to renovate your bathroom and what renovation trends might be best suited for you.

When to renovate your bathroom?

Renovation builders Sydney knows there is no specific time to renovate your bathroom. However, many people renovate their bathrooms when it has been 15-20 years since the last renovation. This can be a great opportunity to update all of the fixtures, finishes and styles for your home’s latest trends and tastes!

Some renovation builders Sydney say that you should renovate your bathroom every five to ten years. Some renovation builders Sydney say that most people don’t really renovate their bathrooms until the hard materials are starting to break down.

Here are some of the signs you should renovate your bathroom:

  1. Fixtures and finishes in your home are out of style or date.
  2. You might not be satisfied with the space you have now.
  3. Home renovation trends change over time, and you want your bathroom and your home to be up-to-date.
  4. You want to add fresh styles and designs into their home
  5. If it’s been five to ten years since your last renovation.
  1. You’re a renter who plans on staying put for a long period.

Things to consider before renovating your bathroom

There are many renovation trends and styles you can take inspiration from. One of the key things that renovation builders Sydney will ask before starting a renovation project is what renovation style best suits you and your family’s needs.

For example, if you have young children at home, it would be best to go with a softer style such as modern classic or traditional country. It’s not just the aesthetics you should consider when renovating. You should also be aware of your functionality requirements. For example, you may want your bathroom to be slip-resistant and have a wheelchair-accessible shower.

It is very important to discuss your needs before doing internal home renovations. So you can make the renovation process as smooth and enjoyable for you.

Bathroom Renovation Tips When Upgrading your Bathroom

Let’s list down some of the things you need to remember when upgrading your bathroom.

1- The cost of the flooring material is usually about 5%-10% of the total bathroom renovation budget. There are a wide variety of flooring solutions you can choose from. There’s polished concrete, marble and tiles. Find the one that suits your needs and design preferences.

2 -Remember to add in the cost of new tiles for walls and floors when doing your bathroom renovations.

3- Give some thoughts to replacing your old window with a new one or adding a skylight or lay-in quarter-inch frosted glass tiles to let in natural light.

4- Consider having a brighter, more open look by installing a glass shower door frameless glass enclosure or frameless sliding mirrors to save space and create more natural light throughout the room.

5- Consider purchasing materials for better ventilation such as fans or vents.

6- Have the renovation done by renovation builders Sydney for peace of mind and quality workmanship.

7- Consider your renovation style before doing any upgrades to ensure that there are no design clashes.

8- Make sure that the renovation builder understands what you need in your bathroom renovation project and know what style best suits you.

9-Make more room in your renovation budget for a new bathroom. To budget,  add in the cost of new tiles, cabinets and fixtures.

10-Remember that renovation builders Sydney will consult you on the best materials and fixtures to use in order to maintain quality while also making sure it’s within your budget.

11- Add some plants so your bathroom can be as relaxing as a spa. These plants can help purify the air, which can help you stay healthy.

12- Consider adding an open shower to your renovation such as trayless or frameless so you can save space and create more natural light throughout the room.

13- Add some fresh colours with new paints, furnishings and wallpapers. Change out old lights into newer ones for better lighting in the bathroom.

14- Make your bathroom appear bigger through colour choices. If you want your bathroom to appear bigger, use light colours.

15- A skylight can be added to give your bathroom the illusion of being larger and brighter.

16- Consider adding a toilet with an auto flush system if you have young children at home. These toilets are more child friendly because they don’t need manual flushing (some models even come with music!)

17-  Consider adding a bidet or toilet seat with an integrated bidet to your upgrade for more comfort and cleanliness.

18 – Install more mirrors. Mirrors can make your bathroom look and feel bigger and lighter.

19- Take a look at the flooring material before you start to see if it will blend with or contrast against your new materials for better aesthetics.

20- Think about adding extra storage such as shelving, cupboards or cabinets in order to help decrease clutter and create more space within the renovated.

21 – Upgrade your vanity.  Add a marble countertop and complimenting colour cabinets.

22- You can also add an inbuilt shower with a bench seat or small side table for added storage space, safety and comfort.

23 – Consider adding more electrical outlets to your bathroom so that you can charge appliances such as shavers while taking care of grooming tasks at the same time!

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